Litterature and References

These books must be in your numismatic library to help you


Two references exist for the french coins of the 20th century:
The best thing, if you can, is to own the two books, and even more, to have both but not the same year because they will complement each other.

For people collecting "Úcus" or "euros" from french cities, Bruno Brevet whom collect them told me that, Claude Feldmann wrote many books about this subjet: To quote the french banknotes:


An for those, crazy like me, whom collect world's coins or papermoney, they need the following books edited by Krause editions:

These books look like thick phone directories. They are today split in different parts, they are a bit expensive but absolutly necessary.
For people having only few world coins, it's better to buy a second-hand book or to join a numismatic club and to use the books of this club.

If you cannot ID a coin, the best thing is to use the Web. There's always someone whom can do it, or also somebody to answer your question. You can also use the following USENET forums:

A lot of collectors's sites have they own forum, do not hesitate to ask questions. You will find some of them in my links page or on some directory like Campi, dedicated to numismatia.