Swap your coins or banknotes ?

The lists

You must create 2 list
- what you loking for, the "want list" (here mine)
- what you want to trade or your doubles, the "swaplist" (here mine).

These lists are very useful by example if you'd like to trade via internet because you will easely find other collectors. You will lose some time and good deals if you have to search what to trade.

It's the same thing if you design a web site.
We always want to show our collection with a lot of similitudes with others collectors but we forgot these parts.(I know this problem I did it...)

Another good thing is to do 2 others list: The Good and Bad collectors to help other people to find nice collectors and prevent them to loose coins or banknotes with some of them.
These list are helpful. You will see some "famous" collectors, their names appear in several list.
And more important after several trade your will be add.


Different kind of swaps

Yo must choice first what you want to deal (coins, banknotes) and how:
- same value (numismatic books can help you)
- same quantity (swap 1x1)
- a country versus an other (allow you for instance to swap several coins from your country against several from the country of he collector you trade with)
- some also trade thing they do not collect like stamps, tokens, phone cards versus thing they want.
- etc...

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