Theses asian banknotes with high face value are called Hell-Banknote or sometime Joss Paper, they are usually bought and burn with a dead people to provide him enought money in the afterlife.

Most of the time the value is in "dollar" but we can find for example a value in "dong".

On one side you can see the Jade Emperor Here btween 2 signatures Yin Low (or Yen Loo) and Yu Wong (or Yuk Wong) and on the other side the Hell Bank building .But some have other design such some with famous people like JFK, Staline, Khrushchev, Ho Chi Minh... and even with euro banknote fantasy look.

Here under the hell banknotes I got. You can click on the image to enlarge them:

5.000 dollars
10.000 dollars (Hell Banknote)
10.000 dollars (Heaven Banknote)
80.000 dong
10.000 dollars
10.000 dollars
10.000 dollars (same than above but printed ony one side)
10.000 dollars (Euro like)
10.000 (Heaven Banknote)
100 euro
200 euro
1 000 000 dollars (1 million)
1st of the stack, different paper , like an example
1 000 000 dollars (1 million)
next banknotes in the stack, less weel printed, paper like notepaper