Litterature and References

Some of the books you must have in your numismatic library regarding the kind of collection you have.

For coins:

French modern coins

These two books are the French coins reference book for modern coins. The better is to own both, but different years of edition to use the advantages of both of us.

The "GADOURY", Monnaies Française (1789-2017)

Often called like that due to his creator Victor Gadoury, nowadays deceased.

A new edition is release each 2 years, values of coins in euro since 2001. It presents French coins from 1789 to 2017, commémoratives' one from 1889 till today and euros from France and Monaco but also patterns and pieforts.

In the past in white and black only but the color arrive in 2017.

In my opinion it was for a long time the best one.

I own the most wanted 1989 edition. (which contains the contest for several coins), the 2003 edition. and the 2013edition.


This one is more recent. 10th édition by now.

With color pages from the beginning, it shows differents than the ones presented in the "Gadoury" and has 6 levels of grading by coins.

A brand new pocket bilingual version allows collectors whom not use French to have an idea of the values of their French coins.

Nowadays its a really good competitor of the "Gadoury" because their creator took into account the remarks et discoveries of collectors to update it, in particular thanks to Les Amis du Franc , a French association and also the web site La Collection Idéale

I own Franc III (1999), Franc VIII (2009) and Franc Poche bilingual FR-UK (2017).

Royal coins

"Monnaies Royales Française 1610-1792" (2012)


Colored book with a lot of varieties illustrated. Coins are classified by reigns and ascending face value.

I own 1987 edition.

"Les Monnaies Royales Française 897-1793 de Hugues Capet à Louis XVI" by Jean DUPLESSY

This reference book used by collectors of royal coins is splited in 2 volumes.

The 1st volume cover the coins from Huges Capet to Louis XII.

The 2nd one cover the coins from François the 1st to Louis XVI.


"Les Monnaies Royales Française 897-1793"

This book presents 800 coins from Hugues Capet (897) to Louis XVI (1793).

It tells you their story and their value.

Coins of Necessities

Les monnaies de Nécessités 1789-1990 by R. ELIE

I own the 2000 edition.

French Colonies

"Les monnaies et jetons des Colonies Françaises" by Jean LECOMPTE

The reference book for this kind of collection.

I own the 1990 edition.

Coins with errors

Le monnayage et les monnaies fautées 1780 à 2009 by Jean-Claude CHORT

This very interesting book present a lot of different kinds of error found on a coin:

( broken die, not holed, faulty legend...etc.)

I own the 2009 edition.


Euros and Ecus of French cities

"Les villes française vers l'euro monnayages temporaires 1995/1996" by Claude FELDMANN

Claude Felmann wrote several book on this topic:

- "Les ECU temporaires des villes de France 1991/1994", maison Florange edition.

- "Monnayages temporaires en euro des villes de France 1997", Claude Feldmann edition



For Banknotes:

French banknotes.

"Les billets de la Banque de France et du Trésor" by Claude FAYETTE

Claude Fayette present us all the notes printed from 1800 to 2002 in this marvelous book wich combine " tome A" (19th century's banknotes) and "tome B" (20th century's banknotes) and also the "billets du Trésor".

You can find values for 5 grading.


I own the 2007 edition, and also the tome B 1997 edition.

The "FAYETTE", La cote des billets de la Banque de France et du Trésor

This pocket version is lighter (less banknotes and datas) or working catalog allow you to point and check quickly your collection.


I own Fayette 1999 (cote des billets du XXième siècle) and Fayette 2009-2010 (cote des billets du XIXième siècle, XXième siècle et du Trésor).

La cote des billets français du XXème siècle : Catalogue de travail

Law banknotes, Assignats, Billets de confiances, Nécessities banknotes, Chamber of commerces banknotes

"Les Billets de LAW" by Gilbert DOREAU 2009

This book contains cotations, descriptions, and historic information.

2014 version is more complete and tells the story of John Law.



"Les Assignats et les Papiers émis par l'Etat au XVIIIème siècle" by Jean LAFAURIE

The bbok to have if you collect Assignats.


Le catalogue général des assignats français, is the web site of Jean-Luc BUATHIER, it's also a very good reférence.

"Les Billets de Confiance de la Révolution Française (1790-1793)" by Maurice Kolsky

This book shows us these small face values notes print by cities and French departement.



"Les Billets de Necessité Français de la guerre de 1870-1871" by Yves JEREMIE




"Les Billets de Nécessité des communes et des villes 1914-1918" by Jean PIROT

This book references banknotes and pieces of cardboard printed by french cities from 1914 to 1918but also by some Frenc ex-colonies and Protectorates.



"Les Billets des Chambres de Commerce 1914-1918" by Jean PIROT

This book shows the banknotes printed by the Chamber of Commerces to palliate the lack of metal coinage along the WW1l.

There are more than 300 references, cotations and descriptions, with an index by département or cities in order to help you in your search.




The peoples whom decide to collect coins or banknotes from around the World will be oblige at least to use these books from Krause editions: the World Paper Money and the World Coins.

These very thick book (like phone directory) are splited in several volumes: one volume by century for the Word Coins (17th century, 18th century, 19th century, 20th century et 21th century) and 3 volumes for the World Paper Money (1368 to 1960, 1960 to nowadays an special issued), they are expensives but essential.

If you are beginner and have just few countries , you can maybe buy a second hand book or you can also join an numismatic association whom will have them in their librairy and will allow you to borrow them.

If you want later you may want to buy a the reference book for each country, a lot of countries have they own. By instance the Red book or Blue Book for the USA coins, the "Fayette" for French banknotes, the "Gigante" for Italian coins...

WORLD COINS (aussi appellé SCWC, Standard Catalog of World Coins)

World Coins 1601-1700 7th edition

World Coins 1701-1800 7th edition

World Coins 1801-1900 8th edition

World Coins 1901-2000 45th edition (2018)

I own the 23st edition (1996) and the 31st edition (2004)

World Coins 2001-to date 12th edition (2018)


Volume 1, Specialized Issues 12th edition (2018)

Volume 2, General Issues 1368-1960 15th edition (2018)

I own the 10th edition (2013).

Volume 3, Modern Issues 1961-present 23rd edition (2018)

I own the 10th edition (2005).