William Pujol's
coins and banknotes's collection

Last update the 4st of March 2021
I was 10 year's old when I received my first coins from a collection started by my father and today about 40 years later they filled 21 binders. And now some banknotes joined them, more than 1500 today for around 10 binders.
Some people keeps the currency of one country or one continent or they choose a subject like animals, or coins with a strange shape, or even bi-metallic coins. For me it's different, I'm a little bit crazy I collect all of them, worldwide.

My collection

More than 5520 coins and 1634 banknotes from the 5 continents
At the beginning I started with the country having a boundary in common with France like Spain, Italy, Belgium... Then later, since I started to work, I joined a company which allowed me to travel for my job during 7 years around the World. That increase my collection with countries less common.
By now you can only see all the banknotes from Oceania and from Asia except few of China and India.
And also all my "Hell Banknotes".
I just started a new collection of banknotes called euro-souvenir, a kind of touristic banknote with a face value of 0 euro. There are around 100 different views of touristic places in France in 2015 and more are coming for 2016, with a new type which will be european. You can handle your collection (swap, sales) with the help of this website: billets-touristiques.com

Collect and swap

For an amateur, as I am, the value of a coin is not link to is rarity. Or it depends what you call rarity, let me explain, you will find easily some US quarters than Indonesian ruppies or Central Africa's coins.
I know that some coin's collectors prefer buying uncirculated coins, it can happen to me, but I prefer searching the coins, ever asking friends (or whoever) if they have some or swapping (even with a coin which worth more money) with one I have not.
In France you can easily find stampís collectors but very few coinís collectors (except since the death of the French Franc and the birth of the Euro currency).
At the beginning I started to collect by type, then year and mint with also all the differents varieties.
Now I stopped that way and come back to type collecting except for few countries.
So I'm looking for collectors whom collect by years in order to decrease my stock of doubles (Spain, Italy, Germany, England, USA...). Please contact me to tell me which years you need!

The world wide web and me

Since I use the web for my hobby, I found a lot of informations and some good sites.
I also find nice people who love the same things than me and swap with some. You can see them on my good traders .

Numismatic Club

These informations, I try to share them with friends, so I joined in march 2003 a numismatic club in Albi ,France (the city of Toulouse Lautrec, the painter), the Albi Numismatic Association. It allows me to compulse data book expensives and often upgraded.

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